Phonewapsex Monster Girl Fan Fiction ArchiveFrom Monster Girl Encyclopedia WikiDISCLAIMER The stories linked here are simply an archive of monster girl fan fiction inspired by the works of but not limited to Kenkou Cross Monster Girl Encyclopedia Okayado Monster MusumeTueruvu Bsuto and Torotoro Resistance Monster Girl Quest. Most of these stories but not all will contain adult material and should only be read by those who are legally allowed to. The activities or factions in these stories are in no way necessarily approved of or condoned by the community. The content of the stories may include violence threats incest fetishes kinks death etc. Browse and read at your own risk disgust andor disapproval. You have been warned. Furthermore due to recent acts of plagiarism please note that all copyrights are owned by their respective owners and that violating said copyrights is a federal crime in many countries. Please dont steal other peoples stories.Please understand that the content of the stories is not necessarily condoned even by the authors they are fans like you who simply fill a void in the community that of writing stories for fans who enjoy fictional tales involving these lovely dickhungry monster girls instead of AV streams. The author of the MGE has tried to cater to a variety of fetishes and desires through his work and the fans have also tried to do the same with his creations. Incest BDSM fetishes and several other elements of sexual activities are present in most of these stories and they are usually according to how the monster girl is described. Dark Elves are typically sadistic Cheshires are typically pranksters Baphomets ar Spanking blogContentsSpanking blogs are blogs weblogs on the subjects of spanking spanking art erotic spanking domestic discipline and similar topics. Some of these blogs are or contain punishment logs too.The first spanking blogs came up when blogs became popular in the first years of the new millennium. The spanking blog phenomenon soon grew into an enormous trend that keeps ongoing.About this listeditThis is by far the most edited page on this wiki. Thanks to two of our wiki members Bonnie and Hermione this list contains 2100 spanking blogs as of September 2017 and is updated nearly every day to reflect the newest additions but also to note when blogs disappear.If you find a broken link please note it inBoldList of spanking blogseditThis list is sorted alphabetically by the title of the blog.A 43 Year Old Exploring Her Sexuality A wife of eighteen years has only recently discovered the joys of spanking bondage and domestic discipline with her amazing husband. WarningA Bird in Hand A place for Emi Jay to dump her mind and question herself and life and also the explorations of beginning a new lifestyle. WarningA Brats Diary Nita has found the courage and interest to op 6e-stripcamfun.comPostMortem I Took The Red Pill And Its Making Me MiserableNormally on Fridays I run readers questions for Ask Dr. NerdLove. On occasion however Ill get a letter that necessitates going into greater depth than the usual submission. Sometimes the answer is more complex or requires a deeper dive into the situation. These are the times when its time to head to the lab see whats on the slab and then get elbow deep in its guts to see where things went wrong.Postmortems are rarely pretty things. More often than not it calls for a mix of tough love and a liberal application of The Chair Leg of Truth. But at the end well understand what went wrong and what its going to take for things to work next time.So scrub up snap on the gloves and put on your gown. Its time to do some emotional surgery.Hey Doc longtime reader firsttime caller. Theres been a lot thats been bothering me about the whole Nice GuyAsshole thing for well over a decade. When I found PUA back when I was 19 back in 2005 it was like learning Santa Claus wasnt real. Or to put it bluntly taking the Izzis LikesI just want to please. Im a true performer that dives deep into the minds of my audience. You ll find out very quickly that my room is like a bar scene. Hang in and have a couple shots. Its all good in the hoodMy FantasiesTo be in a gang bang involving a really hot chick a really hot shemale with big tits and a huge cock and a big black guyMy Obsessions DesiresDominating individualsalso being submissive and up for torture pvtsI have paddles rope tape dildos lots of thongsclothes pins candlesfoot shows shower shows roleplaying DPs self facials tickeling sounding preformanceshumiliationso many props and things to do just ask me dont be afraid let me know what u like so i can help youim a jack of all trades.Additional InfoAside from being a sexual type of personI have an intellectual side alsoI love and enjoy to hear about other peoples lives and experiencesI do have alot of therapy pvts and theres a reason for that.Once were alone and away from the open chatIm open like a bookwiling to listen and share thoughts and have a convo.Im very expressive and have a very complex imagination when it comes to life. The more you share the more ill share.Special InfoI have a wide range of props for a variety of different fetishes. This includes dildos nipple clamps clothes pins cuffs ball gag whip paddle rope girl clothes for cross dressing. I also have the Sybian Sex Machine for crazy anal play.Im the best actor y

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